This EP would not be possible without my musical partner. Sinclair, you have my deepest gratitude. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and tremendous talent. You are truly magical!
♪ ♫ ♭ ♮ ♩ ♯ ♬ ♪
When Marta died, I died too. This isn't what we imagined for us at our prime. There were many days I didn't know how to go on. And there were times I didn't wish to. Still true sometimes but those moments are fleeing before taking hold. I am in progress.
At first there was unfinished business. And in my darkest hour, I caught books and films with themes of loss that helped to unstick me a little. I also got help - many thanks to my grief counselor, group, and trauma therapist.
I had this overwhelming feeling that I need Marta to be remembered. Hence At The Altar. Sinclair was quick to create the melody. Then one song turned into four. This project carried me for some time.
Our love changed me. I can't go back to before Marta. What's happening is a rebirth. The me now - born in grief.
This is a bit of paying it forward too. I hope these songs will help - even in some small way - those grieving or suffering. Perhaps we can heal together.
Thank you for reading and warm wishes, Wendy